The wellness area

Massage sessions and sauna upon reservation

Depending on your chosen options, a massage session lasts 30 to 75 minutes and a sauna session for 35 to 45 minutes.
Requests and reservations by text or directly upon arrival.

Sauna – Sessions

Prices on demand

Relaxation sessions

Close and far infrared lights (IRL)
You can reach total relaxation when using far infrared lights as it relieves muscle tensions thanks to its weak and comfortable intensity. For, it stimulates your global stress reduction if it's used regularly.

Pain relief sessions

Close, mid and far infrared lights (IRL)
An IRL combination will give you a natural pain relief by soothing inflammation, whereas close IRL will penetrate your skin and stimulate cell repair at a constant medium level of intensity.

Detox session

Mid and far infrared lights (IRL)
This session will start with high intensity IRL in order to raise your heart rythm and flow. It will then go down to support your heart beat. Your blood flow will go up to stimulate a healthy blood pressure.

Cardio sessions

Near, Mid, and Far Infrared
Starts at a high intensity to increase heart rate and flow, then decreases to support the heart rate level. Circulation increases to stimulate higher blood pressure.

Mid and far infrared lights (IRL)

Infrarouge Moyen et Lointain
The Weight Loss session will start with high intensity IRL in order to stimulate your heart, it will then go down to reach an average level. When your body does its work to cool down, your heart beat will increase as well as your metabolic rate, which is similar to this exercise.

Skin Health session

Close and far infrared lights (IRL)
A constant weak intensity level of IRL will penetrate your skin to treat your skin problems. Close IRL will improve your skin uniformity, elasticity and firmness by encouraging anti age effects.


The Essential Massage

Massage of the whole body, with oil. It allies the Californian technique (fluidity of enveloping gestures) and the Swedish technique (deeper work on some areas). Body and spirit relaxation.75 minutes

The Great Relaxing Massage

Massage of your back, with oil, mixing deep and gentle techniques. Tension relaxation, very soothing .45 minutes

Pick your choice

Choose the most adapted massage for you :
back, legs, hands, feet...30 minutes


This massage technique uses motion and is based on movement, pressure points and gentle streching of your limbs. In this particular session, you will keep your clothes on and be lying on a floor mat.
Relaxation, calm and depth.45 minutes

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